An Introduction to Digital Camera Lenses

By Mary Jane in Photography

Most people often bought their digital camera without doing much research. By the time they would like to upgrade their camera by buying new lens, most of them will encounter compatibility issues. For those who have done their research properly, they usually have their camera as good as their lens for an optimum combination. If you had made your mistake once, make sure you don’t make it twice.

The lens is one of essential equipment, as it could be considered as the eye of the camera. The image that you see through the lens will reflect directly to the photo that your camera is capable of capturing. Many lens manufacturers have the wide variety of choices. You should choose reputable manufacturers such as Carl Zeiss, Pentax, Leica or other equivalent brands. If you prefer clean and sharp photo, you should choose glass lens over the plastic lens. Although glass lens is much heavier than plastic lens, the clarity of glass lens is worth the weight.

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There are different types of camera lens that for the purpose capturing different types of photo. Some of the most basic are the Wide Angle, Telephoto and Normal. Basically, if you want to capture an image of a wide area, Wide Angle is the type that you should be using. When taking focus image from far away, you will need a telephoto. Other than that, most of the time you should be using a normal.


The wide-angle camera lens is well suited for shooting interiors, scenery and large gatherings. The main thing to check out when searching for the wide-angle camera lens is the homogeneous quality of the shot. If you are taking a look at a wide-angle lens with a crystal-clear center and blurring across the edges, continue looking. You may even face Spherical Aberration or wide-angle distortion of your images. If you cannot afford an excellent wide-angle lens that avoids these results, postpone making a purchase and save your valuable money until you can get the product quality lens you will need.


The telephoto camera lens can be the most difficult kind of camera lens to get. Telephoto lenses are usually the priciest, as the grade of the wine glass makes a significant difference in long-range applications. Typical uses for telephoto lens include sports, landscaping features, and pets in aspect. The longer the telephoto lens, the bigger the aperture should be, so look for the proportional duration and aperture width when searching for the telephoto camera lens. Because much longer telephoto lens requires more cup, a lengthier lens is a lot more expensive than the shorter lens.


Unlike a fixed-focal-length lens, a moving lens offers you the choice of shooting topics both near and way. Zoom camera lens suffers hook reduction in quality over fixed-length lens but replaces the difference in quality by their effectiveness in several applications. If you are seeking to quickly shoot subject matter at different amounts, like a moving subject, you may well not have time to improve fixed-length lens as the topic comes nearer to you or techniques away. Zoom lens provides you with the potential to keep a moving subject matter in shape and is good selections if you desire a flexible lens for moving themes or some applications.


While standard camera lens may seem to be to be pointless in light of specific lens for different applications, the truth is, the opposite holds true. Standard lenses need you to think more about the shot you’re intending and proceed to get a good viewpoint and distance, nevertheless they take quality pictures and the procedure involved can help you learn to create better shots. A sophisticated photographer may use a good standard lens for some applications, in which a novice professional photographer may wish for a specialized lens for every software.


A macro camera lens is made for extremely close-up picture taking at the brief range. A macro lens isn’t proficient at capturing close-up pictures from a long way away, just like a telephoto lens, but is instead suitable for the shooter to be near the topic. A macro lens is well suited for nature picture taking, photographing collectibles and knowledge photography.

You should be well aware of the characteristic of the lens that you are interested, such as the type of the lens, the length of it focal and so on. You might also be aware that some of the lenses are interchangeable between camera recorder and camera. Some of the things that you should also be aware of when you are more advanced are lens speed and focusing distance. If you prefer more features, you might also be interested into the lens which is capable of reducing vibration, silent motor autofocus or filter thread. The camera lens is quite expensive, always do your research and know what kind of lens you should be buying.

Find deals and coupon discounts to buy your desired lens and start improving your photography skills.


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