Photographer Fashion Tips From the Pros

By Andy Peterson in Business

There are two types of creatives in this world, the “roll out of bed” kind, and the “hipster” kind. When it comes to dressing like a professional photographer, fashion is key. All those idioms your parents repeated over and over again about first impressions is very relevant in the artistic world. If you walk into a client meeting looking like a computer programmer, what type of impression will that leave? But rather, imagine walking in, greeting your customer for the first time, and looking like a trendy fashionista. Now we’re talking.

Another aspect of dressing like a pro is referrals. Yes that’s right, as much as we like to brag about our passion projects and doing it for the love, at the end of the day we need to pay our bills and keep the lights on. This is a business, whether you want to admit it or not. And unfortunately, you are the face of that business.

Photographer Fasion Tips

Imagine you’re the customer. Sure you appreciate the photos you’ve received, but the photographer looked like they wore the same shirt yesterday. And they forgot deodorant. The client may have gotten what they hired you for – darn good photos – but they’re never going to refer you to their network of like-minded business owners. Now you’re screwed and need to start from scratch, finding new work all over again. Don’t be that guy. Instead, be pleasant to work with, and above all dress like a rock star. Your pocketbook will thank you for it.

One of the instant ways to boost your street-cred is with a hat. Even if your sense of style consists of skinny jeans and a branded t-shirt, tossing on a trendy flat-brimmed baseball hat will make you look like a million bucks. Especially for the outdoors, a hat is a must, whether battling the rain or the scorching sun. No self-respecting photographer ever did an outdoor shoot without a hat. But preferably, don’t reach for your sweat stained safari hat, instead upgrade the look and keep the hipster vibe in mind. Get a fedora or any wide-brimmed hat and you’ll look confident and feel comfortable.


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About the Author

Andy Peterson

Andy is a graphic designer with an eye for fashion. He's a hat aficionado, in love with the classic style of hats, history of hats, and the recent resurgence of the hat wearing community. Needless to say, he's obsessed with hats. Need advice? He's passionate about recommending hats and helping people look good.

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